The Radical Birth Collective
The Radical Birth Collective

Welcome to The Radical Birth Collective

Education and Support for Wild Birth

The Radical Birth Collective is a community space for education and support around freebirth, homebirth, and traditional birth keeping. 

Our Offerings include virtual workshops, online courses, and interactive apprenticeships on freebirth, wild pregnancy, and traditional birth work.
As well as occasional workshops on art, medicine making, fertility and blood mysteries, advanced midwifery skills, and so much more.

We also have several closed, well tended Circles for community support. Membership in these Circles is vetted and consciously nourished to ensure safe spaces for conversation, connection, community, and true sisterhood and support. Once you request to join, we’ll reach out to verify your identity. Please respond promptly so we can get you looped in ASAP! You'll need to check the email you used to register.

These Circles host regular community calls for ceremony, connection, and wisdom sharing in addition to an open forum for posting and commenting.

You can request to join circles for:
The Postpartum Year
The Wild Pregnancy Path
The Birth Keepers Council
BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, Women of Color)
Dismantling Whiteness
Wild Mothering
Blood Mysteries and Fertility Awareness
The Cooking Circle
Book Club

and our general community space called The Collective

The way Mighty Networks builds our community space, your membership in these circles will simply appear on your own privately curated feed and feels seamless and easy to navigate. 

All white women who request to join any of our private circles must also be an active member of our Dismantling Whiteness space.

This community and all of our offerings are all intentionally and explicitly anti-racist. Please note clearly that we are absolutely committed to nourishing thriving, vibrant spaces for BIWOC and anyone enacting racism in any form may be removed from our community (including paid offerings) without compensation.

We would love to have you.

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